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Transmitting from the heart of Europe, Vienna’s Dubblestandart represent 21st century bass music.Their influences range from late 60s Psychedelic Music, Space Age Electronix,Alternative Rock, filtered into
Hi-NRG Dub Reggae.

Dub originated in Jamaica during the early 70s when Lee Perry, King Tubby a. o. paved the way to today’s known rhythm driven styles, remix culture and nowadays hi – tech production technics. Dubblestandart, in nearly 30 years of running their operations, worked with many of their idols: Sly & Robbie, Dillinger, Ken Boothe, Mikey Dread, Marcia Griffiths, Lee Perry, William S. Burroughs, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood to drop some names. You might have heard of their legendary Return From Planet Dub album, that linked them to film director David Lynch, Lee Perry and Ari Up from the Slits. Or u might have seen one of their rare live appearances, backing up Martha Griffiths in Sweden, Lee Perry in Central Park NYC and Moscow, Russia, Ari Up on their Canadian tour or jamming with India’s top ranking singers MC Dehli Sultanate & Begum X in
Goa, India.

However, we believe u had an exceptional experience seeing a quite unusual band in challenging times. To resist the downward spiral of political developments as well as being resilient to a more and more tricky digital music market, have been their core assets ever since. Representing a generation X band of the early 90's, Dubblestandart’s name itself, seems like a symbolic metaphor for the end of the analog days and the dawn of the digital age.

They started 1988 in a 2nd district basement, they called The Controller Station in Vienna, located just around the block of the famous Flex, where legendary Dub Club took place, at a time when Rave Culture, early Jungle, Techno or Downbeat musically ended the cold war decade, igniting new economies and its youth aspirations. Since then 16 Albums, many 7” & 12” , as well as countless compilations featuring their music, have been released. Since 2002 they are signed to the German Dub Label
Echo Beach/Collision Records.

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