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The listed albums are available for a limited time(as long as we got stock).

We are happy to offer you some of our classic productions, that date back to the early 1990.This world gets more virtual by the minute, but dear collectors of physical product, we got you covered.Sound matters to us, thats why we love Vinyl and CD, which are aside the live experience still the best ways to enjoy music.

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Feel The Balance CD 1992
10 € 


The  Vibes Of This Reality CD 1996      10 € 


Are You Experienced  CD 2006
10 € 



Immigration Dub CD 2007
10 € 


Copyright Echo Beach

In Dub CD 2014
10 € 


Dub Realistic CD 2016
10 € 



Sounds From Euroland CD 1999
10 € 



Woman In Dub CD 2012
10 € 


DS HHMD Promo .jpg

Heavy Heavy Monster Dub CD 2004      10 € 


Woman In Dub Vinyl LP 2012
12 € 


sunra cover.jpg

Dub In Tape Cassette  2017
10 € 


Sun Ra Remix Cassette 2017
10 € 


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